Evergreen Furnishings Process will walk you through your project from start to finish.


We partner with manufacturers that provide quality and innovative products. Our experience coupled with innovation brings a tailored solution to¬ your building. We want the products we provide to be useful and serviceable for the life of the building. Many of our manufacturers carry 15-year warranties that provide you piece of mind. We know the right products can pull together to fulfill the design intent of the space for maximum impact.


Our team provides guidance in the selection of your product choices. From start to finish we take the time to truly understand your vision and how you operate to offer products that truly meet your needs. Our design team works with the latest technology to ensure your vision becomes a reality. Our extensive field experience and attention to detail will help transform your space into an amazing place enabling your students, employees and staff to do amazing things.


Our team works closely with manufacturers during every step of the process to ensure your solution meets your expectations and is delivered on time. We track the shipments and coordinate the delivery. Our skilled installation team ensures an accurate and defect free result done right. We do not consider the installation the end of the project. We will follow through on executing the punchlist and carry the relationship through for service calls and follow up orders.